Products In Development Scheduled for release in 2020/2021

All applications are included with paid subscriptions and without limitations. Trial registrations, have limited and restricted output criterias. Upgrades and new application developments are included with paid subscriptions at no additional cost during any current subscription period. 

Our applications, are developed to be Unicode and Gedcom 5.5.1 standard compliant.

publish your ancestry history

Genie Publisher App (Released)

With Genie-Publisher you can produce professional-quality family history books using your online ancestry research. Easily create family history books all the family will want to read, have copies of and provide a lasting legacy for generations to come.

European and US Standard book sizes are available, Genie creates print-ready PDF files, so you can easily have your book produced with the printer and binder of your choice. Genie will also incorporate your source documents and images into your family history book in full rendered sizing.

Genie-Publisher adheres to the established principles of book publishing, conforming to the "Golden Ratio" of publishing standards. It automatically generates the necessary components essential to make your publication professional.

Create multiple versions on demand. Generate or sort your books by specific Countries or Regions, Centuries, Gender, Family Branch, Pedigree and various other options, or print the entire file for a complete all inclusive edition. The choices and combinations are limited only to your requirements, providing unique and ideal gifts for Christmas, Anniversaries, Weddings, Birthdays, Baptisms or for any other special family occasion, for all the family to enjoy!

The interface is user-friendly, simplified and an easy to follow step by step system, structured to provide you with a seamless experience and produce professional published books. Instructions for printers and binders are included.

gedcom to pdf converter

Genie Gedcom App (Released)

Genie-Gedcom imports Gedcom 5.5.1 compliant files from your online Ancestry research and other Gedcom 5.5.1 compliant programs also.

Genie-Gedcom is the core and engine of our suite of applications converting your imported data, linking your multi-media files, adding all necessary fields and the components used throughout our suite of applications.

Genie-Gedcom will isolate connected Individuals from non connected Individuals depending on the “Root” or "Home" person you select or want to produce family history books and publications for, either as a gift or simply to provide them with your current research details. Genie Gedcom will isolate only individuals who pertain to their branch of your family, excluding the individuals which do-not relate to them. It will also identify the retained undeleted records and redundant linkages to previous research errors within your Gedcom file, which may bloat the file. It will re-format dates where possible into their correct syntax either European or US standard, will auto correct place entries where possible, will perform a multitude of calculations pertaining to the individuals in your file, providing you with new interesting fields and statistics included in your publications, It will Re-categorise nicknames, name prefixes and suffixes, correct missing gender details and much more. You can also create new gedcom files from your modified file to then re-import back into your chosen research system, either online or your standalone applications, which are Gedcom 5.5.1 compliant.

Easily "Prune" and "Graft" your family tree without modifying your original Gedcom file. You can Prune your tree into smaller more manageable branches allowing for focused research or for distribution to other users . You can also "Graft" multiple Gedcom files and combine those details into your own tree as well.

Genie-Gedcom is a powerful application providing the resources to dissect, manipulate and reconstruct Gedcom 5.5.1 standard files. Giving you the freedom to recreate and enhance your Gedcom file as you choose.

family history ebooks

Genie Flipbooks App

Genie-Flipbooks, produces electronic or "Soft Copy" versions of your family history books using your online genealogy research, that others can "flip through" using their Tablets, PC's or Laptops, just like a printed book. Electronic publications are a fast, efficient and enjoyable way of distributing your publications to others.

Flipbooks are created using the Genie-Publisher as detailed above and then select Flipbook as the output.

You have the same flexability as with Genie- Publisher to create multiple variations on demand. Genie eBooks will be availble soon, so you can start creating iBooks and Kindle publications as well.

Genie Family Treemaker App

Genie Family Tree Maker creates family history charts in Pedigree format, Fan chart format or as a complete family chart.

You can include background graphics, borders and colors, You can also color code the various lineages and Genie family chart maker has a selection of layout templates to choose from.

Genie Family Tree Maker is an easy to follow step by step system, guiding you effortlessly through the process. It creates print-ready PDF files for ease of supply to your prefered print house.

gedcom to excel converter

Genie Excel App

Genie-Excel has been developed for use by spreadsheet devotee's, who prefer to edit or modify their Gedcom 5.5.1 file using  spreadsheet or databse base applications.

Genie-Excel will generate a standard MS Excel "XLSX" file from your imported Gedcom file, exporting only the Standard Gedcom 5.5.1 Tags and Categories - Non Standards will be excluded. It will separate the major categories of data within the Gedcom file, creating separate tabs for those categories. It then populates the cell fields in row order by TAG ID number etc. using the data from your file, inserting the necessary headings and where possible will format the cell inputs to reflect the correct formatting definitions for each type of cell entry. 

Genie-Excel is ideal for those wanting to create there own database systems in applications such as MS Excel and Access. You could also use the Genie Excel file to create your own uniquely styled documents inconjunction with the MS Word, mail-merge function. Your abilities with such applications will be your only limit to what you could create.

As standard protocol Genie Excel will automatically lock some fields and columns, as they are deemed to be non editable data and should not be modified for the successful conversion back to Gedcom 5.5.1 Standards. Should you unlock those fields (which we strongly advise you do not), Genie Excel will not permit the re importation and conversion back to Gedcom. Should you unlock any columns and cells, the data intergrity and sequencing may become corrupted.

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