The GENiE® Publisher Application 

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Fully Automated

Just imagine the effort it would take to manually download all your ancestry research, collate, compile and then write your family history, position photos, align and categorize source documents, cross reference, create footnotes, and then index it all? Truly a daunting task..... 

Well now you dont need to do any of that!

The GENiE® publisher gathers all of your online data automatically then collates and writes your family history for you.  It really just is the click of a few buttons and "whola" a few hours later your ready to produce your very first publication. After your family trees have finished importing you then define your preferred publications settings in 4 easy steps and shortly there after your professionally styled publications are ready for printing or for distribution to the family, and its so easy to create individual books for any family member.

The GENiE® Gedcom report tool is now available too, so you can easily identify & rectify errors within your research, including identifying omissions and even add some recommended improvements before you print or share your publications. 

The GENiE® publisher is also an easy way to secure your valuable family history details, so you always have a detailed record of your family history endeavours.

Comprehensive details

We think you'll be deighted at the level of detail which will be included in your books. GENiE® Publisher isnt just a list of names and dates. You get detailed categorized information for all ancestors, including ancestor and descendant charts, photographs and ancestry source documents. It's also easy to update your research at anytime too.

Choose various stylying such as traditional or photobook style, multiple book sizes and more.

Easy to Navigate

Fully indexed, cross referenced, footnoted and hyperlinked for readers to find and easily move from one ancestor to another. 

Ancestors are classed by relationship categories eg, Spouses, Children, Parents, Aunts & Uncles, Cousins and indirect relations etc.

Personalize & Share unlimited publications with all the family

Create publications for any of your family members, so that publications directly relate to them and how they are connected to each ancestor. After creating their book simply click the share button, enter their email address and a few seconds later they recieve a link to download their personalized family history book. Family do not need to join or register to download their publications  No need for USB's DVDs or dropbox. Create as many publications as you like, as often as you like.




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