Our Story

The english proverb "Necessity is the Mother of Invention", is ever so true in the conceiving and development of Ancestralgenie. Our suite of applications have been developed in recognition of the need and desire for a truly authentic publishing system for genealogy enthusiasts.

Ancestralgenie was envisaged, visualised and inspired by our founder – J D Neal. Renown as an avid fan and dedicated buff of family history, heritage, and ancestry, (“some might suggest a die-hard enthusiast”), as with many buff's he spent numerous years and countless late nights, staring into computer screens, discovering and learning of his own family history and their origins, aspiring to eventually publish his research, for posterity and as the first comprehensive documented account of his family history.

Like many others, he was intrigued by the advancements technology provides today and how we have ease of access to records and historical documents worldwide. Empowering a generation as the first in history on mass, able to uncover and document our individual heritage's, lineage, forebearer's, along with their journeys and migrations throughout the ages, utilising online document providers and more recently with advancements and availability of DNA technologies, all from the comfort of our homes. That initial intrigue swiftly flourished into enthusiastic commitment.

That enthusiasm culminated in an apex whereby his research overtime amassed to such levels of detail, it consequently warranted creation in publication format and he wanted to celebrate the discoveries of his heritage and family history, their journeys, tragedies, and triumphs with others, and commemorate it for those yet to come.

However, he learnt to his astonishment and disbelief, it was near impossible for the everyday aficionado to generate meaningful or quality publications from their research provider, it was more or less absent, and what was available, he rousingly regarded as, “rather lacking”.

Existing applications he considered were poorly constructed and lacked the finesse or the meaningful detail he desired, finding the output usually limited to producing a list of names, dates, and statistics. 

He then later found whilst sharing his discoveries with family they were routinely unable to get past page 3 of the documents produced and he was dismayed by the tendencies of others to exhibit rapidly diminishing and fleeting interest. A blow to his years of dedicated research, he despairingly reflected.

Concluding there must be a better alternative and as an experienced publisher he then set about the task of developing more stimulating, relevant family history publications, with engaging content and graphics, that could also incorporate the source documents in a ledgible format, that uncovered when researching and which verify the lineages of individuals, an essential requirement for any credible genealogy research publication. Publications which would inspire readers, by utilising multiple technologies to make family ancestry relevant to all generations.

He envisaged and developed the Ancestralgenie suite of products with the user's perspective in mind, constructing a platform requiring no coding skills or publication design experience. Keeping it simple where ever possible, to produce appealing and captivating family history’s which truly reflect the time, investment, dedication and effort fellow buffs commit too in their quests to rediscover their own lost heritage, lineages, and family ancestral roots, eroded throughout the ages and by time itself.

Noticing the ever-increasing desire by fellow enthusiasts for similar solutions, a fully-featured suite of applications in various formats is in final development to harvest, not only the base data, but also the rich hidden artefacts and gems which a Gedcom file contains and transform that detail into revealing, interesting publications and reading, which surely will become the reference resource for families in generations to come. Ancestralgenie does not only produce engaging and detail publications in both printed and electronic formats, but also family charts, and has powerful tools to assist users to "prune" and "graft" their existing research as well. It will also enable users to to develop their own databases if desired, using products such as MS Excel and alike.

The Ancestralgenie applications suite empowers users to produce an array of publications in multiple formats, creating heirlooms and cherished family ancestry products for all the family to enjoy, experience, learn and discover from.

We are continually conceptualising, developing and upgrading our suite of applications to ensure users experiences are maximised and they produce unique merchandise for fellow enthusiasts. We're proud to empower individuals around the world. Everyone deserves to understand their family heritage and ancestry, and we're excited to see what you create.

James Baldwin, the noted African-American novelist, essayist, playwright, poet, and social critic said, 

Know from whence you came,
If you know whence you came,
there are absolutely no limitations to where you can go.”

A philosophy many researchers, buff’s and enthusiasts we believe undoubtedly share and desire for their own families.